Date Posted: Apr 7, 2022

Job Title: Network Systems Engineer (multiple openings)

Job Location:     RITSnet, Inc., 39899 Balentine Drive, Suite 138, Newark, CA 94560


With a moderate level of independent decision-making capability and moderate supervision the Network Systems Engineer will be responsible for:

  1. Designing wireless network infrastructure for redundancy and security.
  2. Researching current, state of- the art wireless network solutions for custom applications.
  3. Designing customized wireless network topology, creating test protocols, simulating production environment, configuring network equipment: Cisco, Arista, Netgear and HP switches, testing and adjusting wireless network performance in lab environment.
  4. Testing network systems failover performance in production network environment, configuring and deploying backup wireless systems for customer applications.
  5. Developing wireless authentication and security protocols to seamlessly merge with existing system level protocols.
  6. Developing training materials and procedures, and training users in the proper use of networks and systems in collaboration with technical staff, users, and management.
  7. Developing automation tools to make the systems more reliable and efficient.
  8. Providing technical leadership and being a key contributor to IT team which will be responsible for installation, configuration, and maintenance of network hardware and software, troubleshooting systems problems and recommending and implementing appropriate solutions to solve performance issues.


This position requires a Master’s degree or foreign equivalent in EE, CE, Network Engineering, IT, or closely related field and One (1) year of experience as a Systems Analyst; Systems Engr; Network Consultant; Network Administrator; or closely related occupation.

Must have experience with:

  1. Network performance analysis.
  2. Network programming and configuration.

Will accept pre or post graduate experience.


Contact: Sowmya Krishnan, Vice President - Business Development, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.